From 2002 to 2016 enrollment in Detroit Public Schools declined from approximately 149,000 to 49,949.  Detroit Public Schools has faced a significant decline in funding during this period, resulting in the closure of dozens of schools, the consolidation of children into existing buildings and the reduction of educational programming.  Following a general trend in the State of Michigan, funding for the performing arts has been drastically cut back to the point that there are only a handful of schools offering any music or dance programs.

The importance of music education cannot be understated.  Subjectively, those who have received formal music education in school know its remarkable benefits for students academically, socially, creatively and even spiritually.  In today’s environment of increased emphasis on standardized testing and funding largely based on data-driven decision making, research becomes an increasingly important tool.

There is an ever-increasing body of research from a wide range of sources supporting the vital importance of music education.  The National Association for Music Education lists the following as some of the benefits of Music in our Schools.

  1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning
  2. Students learn pattern recognition
  3. Music builds imagination and intellectual curiosity
  4. Music can teach discipline
  5. Music builds teamwork in kids

Crescendo Detroit is committed to the youth of Detroit and to the positive thriving future of the City of Detroit. We believe that the arts awaken love in every person: love for self, love for community, and love for the future that makes us all want to be visionaries and positive contributors.