Our MISSION is to transform the lives of youth, ages 5-18, in the neighborhoods in which we operate by developing intense instrumental music, vocal music and dance programs that promote artistic excellence and character building.  Using a youth-centered approach we will offer a comprehensive program that also includes literacy and life skills classes, homework support, and daily meals and snacks.  Our VISION is to create and develop arts-centered neighborhood programs in the city of Detroit that build character in youth and foster a love for and participation in the arts.


We value diversity and inclusionWe believe that a quality music education should be available to ALL of Detroit’s students and we will strive to deliver our program to every student in every neighborhood.  We value a culture of and an expectation for success – We will create a positive environment that celebrates success, and one that maintains a culture of excellence and discipline and holds high expectations  We value the enrichment of the whole child – Not only will our students develop musically, but they will become thoughtful, inquisitive and positive citizens overall.  We value stability, longevity and continuity – We will provide a multi-year program in which students learn and grow individually and as a community over many years.  We value collaboration – We will work collaboratively, cooperatively and communally amongst ourselves, with our students’ families, with their schools and with the neighborhood at large.  We value learning and growth opportunities for our students – We will explore, foster and generate opportunities for our students to learn and grow to their fullest potential through experiences in other communities.  We value synergy, cooperation and unity – We will use our Mission, Vision and Core Values to ensure that, as the number of our locations grows, their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.